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FJ-4472 Charity

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Colonial Jewelers 13th Anniversary charm: Charity. Charity is the dog who stands guard out front of the Federated Charities building. Added to the site sometime before the Civil War by John H. Williams, it was reported in 1959 to have cost bfifty dollars.b Believed to be a Newfoundland or Chesapeake Bay Ducking Dog, bCharityb was most likely cast at Hayward, Bartlett and Company in Baltimore in the 1850s. It is likely that the statue represents a beloved family pet but one entertaining story tells of its installation to prevent late night revelers from falling off the porch after parties. Over the years, both the tail and the head of the statue have been broken off by vandals, including once in 1946 by two soldiers who were stationed at the POW camp near Frederick. Each time the pieces were reinstalled and in 2005 the tail was rebuilt in a downward oriented position in order to stabilize it. Countless artists have painted or sketched our dog over the years and you will frequently see him dressed for holiday occasions. We encourage people to take pictures with Charity but please be mindful of his age (hebs 1,099 in dog years) and not climb on him. Charity can be worn on a charm bracelet or as a pendant. 14k yellow gold or sterling silver.



Stock No : FJ-4472
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